No Price Tag

As I was walking out of my bedroom several days ago, ready to delve into things and face the day, I noticed a sticky note above my light switch; a gift left there anonymously by a kind and thoughtful child.

This note was a reminder; a reminder of one of the most precious and treasured gifts any man or woman could ever know. A reminder of a free gift. But how could something so desired be free? How could one of the most highly sought after commodities come with no price tag?

We will buy a varied multitude of items and purchase a whole cacophony of things to gain this one treasured item. A new crystal clear flat screen TV that displays images more vividly than real life. Extravagant cruises and extended weekends away. Jewelry, clothes, books, the list goes on and on. All of this to find this one element present in our lives.

We see counselors to reconcile our past and our relationships so that we can feel we have grasped this illusive treasure. We strive to stop striving, we work to rest, we grasp and grasp to gain this one thing.

But Jesus says, "I leave you a gift ..." This gift we seek is left here with us. What we desire has been granted. But know this, and let us be very clear on this point; this gift that Jesus leaves us with, cannot be given by or found in this world. There is no resource this

world provides that could ever produce this free, wonderful gift.

And yet, Jesus freely and gladly leaves it for us! No charge, no strings attached, no need for a warranty or insurance on this gift. A simple gift, because He simply loves us.

The next time you need this gift, this settling and calming assurance, simply thank Him for already giving it to you. Oh, the gift, what is it you ask? I'll let Jesus tell you, "I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart." Peace. Something none of us can buy, something all of us need.

(Photographs by H.G. Furcinitti)


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