Do not touch.
Do not come near.
Do not even look.

These were the commands given to those who were to carry the furnishings and articles for the tent of meeting, the tabernacle in the wilderness, God's desert dwelling. The children of Israel had been rescued from Egypt, and now they had become sojourners, wilderness travelers led by the smoke and fire of God. Their place of worship was a mobile temple and it was holy - dedicated to the LORD.

When it was time to move locations, strict instructions were given for the process of how that was to be done. Only Aaron and his sons were allowed to pack the furnishings, utensils, dishes, lamps, and so forth. And once they were packed up and ready, they were covered. No one else was allowed to touch, approach, or look on these holy things. And if someone did, the result was death. The message was clear, God is a holy God and the result for breaking His commands was severe.

And today, God is still holy. There is none like Him. He is beyond our comprehension. So then, how do we approach such a holy God?

Well, the good news is that what once was unapproachable, untouchable, unable to be seen, has come near. Jesus is the Word, the great Communicator the One who has shown us the Father, the One who has come near. Speaking of Him, John, the apostle of love, once said,  

"That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched--this we proclaim concerning the Word of life."

The gospel is about a shift.

What was once covered, has now been revealed. Intimacy is no longer a thing to be feared. The holiness of God has been answered by the worthiness of the Lamb - the One who was slain and purchased those of us who believe in Him. And now we can approach boldly and come confidently to the holy throne of God. 

Jesus has made know to us the Father; He has explained Him to us. "Father". We now call Him "Father". Those of us who have received Jesus, now call God "our Father". The same holy, awesome, and mighty God who spoke the commands and proclaimed "I am the LORD" we now call "Father". How brightly the beauty of Jesus shines against the background of the law. How amazing is His grace in light of our desperate need and depravity. 

For us now there is one Lord, Jesus Christ and one God, the Father, and now we serve Him without fear.


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