Decisions can be difficult, especially the "big" decisions. Do I take this job? Do I marry this girl? Should I go to another church? 

Should I write this blog? Well, maybe that one seems like a small decision.

Sitting here at my desk, in my office, I'm asking myself that question, among others. Should I write this blog? Who will miss an encouraging word If I don't take the time to write something? Will the kingdom of God lack a sliver of light because I didn't put my mind to the task of writing? Granted, this blog is read by few, not many, and the impact of what I do is small. Or is it? Can you really weigh the impact that you have on someone's life?

The scripture encourages us to not grow weary of doing good, for in due time we will reap a harvest. Will one blog, one word, one kind act cause us to reap a harvest? That's hard to judge; but one thing I do know, a life lived for Christ over the years, in service to others will reap a harvest. We may not see it all in this life; it may not be apparent to us now, but in due time we are promised a harvest - if we continue on.

We are told that our words have power, not power to create or make things happen the way we want them to happen, but power to affect others; both positively and negatively. Out of the abundance of our heart, our words spill over. So, to sound vaguely like a credit card commercial, what's in your heart? And what are you speaking? And how are you speaking it?

I believe words can greatly affect a growing child. But I also believe that words can derail a grown man. What you speak and how you speak are of no small affect. I know. I've spoken well and kindly, and I've spoken poorly and cruelly. I have no regret for past kindness, but letting go of past meanness has been an arduous process.

Can I offer you some encouragement, some exhortation? Ask the Lord to set a guard over your lips, a strong sentry over the door of your lips. Imagine your words ten years from now, fifteen years from now. What kind of harvest will they produce? Kind words produce strength, safety, and confidence. Searing words produce instability, doubts, and fear. What kind of harvest do you want to gather?

Right now it is my prayer that the Lord will fill your heart with kind words, with words seasoned by His grace and softened by His Spirit. 

Speak well my friend.


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