We need wisdom to navigate this life; at times, it is beyond us. The Lord invites us to ask for the wisdom we need, and He says He will give it generously - without reproach, without a hint of disappointment or disapproval.

That means that when we are in our desperate places, when we've lost control, (rather when we realize that we never really had control), we can ask for His wise guidance without looking to our lack. This means that He doesn't chide us for our lack of knowing what to do; He does not say, "We've been through this already, you know what to do." He does not rebuke with words of disappointment, "Again? You're asking me again?" Rather, He gives generously.

We simply need to ask.

I recently needed wisdom because of a situation that was completely out of my control. Between distance and closed roads, literally, I was unable to come to the aid of a very sick young girl - my daughter Hannah. Dengue can ravage the body, and dengue was taking its toll on my daughter. And there was nothing I could do about it. Hannah was trapped behind the wall of distance and political unrest in Haiti. Her life was truly in God's hands.

So, I asked the Lord for wisdom. I took that plunge. His response? "I'm praying for her, you walk by faith, not by what you are see." There are times we don't know what to pray, or how to pray, but He does. He knows exactly what we need, and He was interceding for Hannah. I didn't stop asking for Him to give her peace. I still asked Him to raise her blood platelet count. And you can be sure that I asked Him to bring our girl home safely. And He heard those prayers. But His wisdom said, "You are not alone in this fight for your daughter's life." 

Isn't it good to know that God's got your back, that He has your children's lives in the palm of His hand?

With God's wisdom, comes peace. Rejoicing is not based on the outcome, but on the faithfulness of God. God is good whether we get what we want or not. God is good because His heart is good and His plans for our lives our good. There were days we didn't know what to expect. Fevers would fall, and then rise again. Strength would seem to be on the increase, and then be depleted. Good reports would come, and then platelet counts would drop. Life is a roller coaster, but we have an Anchor for our souls, and His name is Jesus, and the faith He gives holds us strong.

The next time you find yourself in a very difficult situation or trial, why not ask for His wisdom? His wisdom will show you what you truly need and He will guide your footsteps through the fire and through the flood. Why not go to the One who is really in control and trust His plan. You will find it is much better than yours.


  1. Oh Joe. I saw a post last week about Hanna and prayed for you all. What a powerful word and example of what our faith should be like. Our children are the most important gifts God has given us. We cherish them. We love them beyond measure. This is probably the biggest trial that comes to us in life, to see our kids challenged, whether physically or spiritually. Think of Abraham on his way to the altar with his son ? Yet he kept faith and was obedient to God. And God credited that to him as righteousness !!! I pray for Hanna's restoration to good health in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and may the peace of the Lord which surpasses all our understanding be upon you all like the fresh oil of the Lord's anointing. Love you guy's.


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