The Overabundance of Grace

Here's a quick look, a bite-sized study, into some of what Paul had to say about grace and redemption in his letter to the Ephesians. In this studyette, you'll see the Greek definitions for several key words in this scripture. These definitions will highlight and bring depth to an already amazing gift. Put on your study hats (and study hearts). I pray the Holy Spirit will guide your thoughts and inspire you as you read on ...

Ephesians 1:7-8
(ESV) In him we have redemption (629) through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches (4149) of his grace (5485), which he lavished (4052) upon us, in all wisdom and insight

629 apolutrosis ἀπολύτρωσιν
Ransom in full. Acquire, redeem, redemption, release.

Think about it, we are -

released from guilt
released from debt
released from sin
released from bondage
released from shame
released from abandonment

4149 ploutos πλοῦτος
From 4130, wealth, flow, plunge, launder, clean. (literal) money, posessions. (figurative) abundance, richeness, valuable bestowment. [a land overflowing with milk and honey]

5485 xáris χάριτος (another feminine noun from xar-, "favor, disposed to, inclined, favorable towards, leaning towards to share benefit") – properly, grace. 5485 (xáris) is preeminently used of the Lord's favor – freely extended to give Himself away to people (because He is "always leaning toward them"). 5485 /xáris ("grace") answers directly to the Hebrew (OT) term 2580 /Kaná ("grace, extension-toward"). Both refer to God freely extending Himself (His favor, grace), reaching (inclining) to people because He is disposed to bless (be near) them.

4052  eperisseusen ἐπερίσσευσεν
To superabound, be in excess, be superfluous (unnecessary, especially through being more than enough). [my cup runs over]

When we give, we behave as God, for he is Giver. What God bestows upon us is greater than any gift we could give. It flows, it plunges us to the depths of his love and grace. It cleanses, it is wealth in nature; true wealth.

I received a bonus, money from profit sharing. Out of that wealth, I bestowed upon my children $100 each. They didn't earn that gift, and I was pleased to give it to them. It excited me and it excited them. Half of the fun of that bestowing was the anticipation. My children didn't know what I would be giving them, only that the "bestowment night" was coming.

We all sat around in the living room on that bestowment night as I passed out this bestowment to each of them. Each of them reacted differently, and I'm sure each of them spent it quite differently. But I gave it, not knowing how they would spend it and with no expectation on how they should spend it. No strings attached. Favor flowed unhindered.

God's riches are not sparsely dispersed as if the source is limited. His riches flow, they plunge us into their wealth; they are in abundance. They are riches that find their source in his favor, in his leaning into us, in his pleasure towards us. And he is disposed to this, to lean towards us richly, to pour out riches. He finds joy in this. We find joy in this.

And what should stop the riches of his grace from flowing down to us in great rivers? What should we fear? That we've sinned and are unworthy? Never. For our redemption, our ransom, has released us from guilt, shame, sin, and bondage. And his wrath? It has been satisfied by the blood shed, the payment for our sins. His blood has satisfied the wrath of God. Our sins shall never need to be paid for again, for our debts have been paid in full, once, for all time.

And God's grace has not been foolishly spent, though it may seem foolish and wasted to us. His grace has been lavished upon us not thoughtlessly, not foolishly, but with all wisdom. And not without forethought, but rather with a complete view to our need and the consideration of the reputation of his name. In all wisdom and insight he poured, he reached, he leaned in. To us. To you. To me.

"You didn't have to do that much! There was more than enough!" Think of the woman who poured the oil out at Jesus' feet. She gave it all, more than enough. She responded to the God who lavishes and she lavished.


  1. Joseph, This freedom from sin is similar to a letter you sent out a few months back. I remember it well because I needed it then, and needed it now. It is a hard thing to get our human minds around. As a parent I we can grasp this concept in "whats mine is your"so why is it so hard to grasp it from our Father in heaven ? I believe many of us fail because we try to hold ourselves accountable for something we have already been given by our Holy Father. Thanks for reminding us Joe. god bless you Brother.


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