Taste of home

Sometimes all someone needs is a taste of home; that feeling of connection with the familiar; a reminder. Deep inside all of us is a longing for that place where we feel settled, centered, and solid; that place that is filled with the comfort that loved ones bring. 

We all need a taste of heaven sometimes. Our hearts long for that. We desire heaven, for this is not our home. Oh, we manage to find joy here along with times of refreshing. We find things that occupy us and fill our time, but nothing really satisfies or makes us feel connected like when we connect with heaven; when we are touched by our King. And nothing touches our King like when we bring a taste of heaven to those around us.

My wife is in Haiti right now, visiting our daughter Hannah. Hannah has recently started living in Haiti. For the first seventeen years of her life, she's lived here in America. You could call this her home land; it's her place of birth. Besides some simple snacks, reminders of the tasty treats provided in every store in America, my wife has brought her nothing amazing. Nothing amazing that is, save one thing, she did bring herself; a taste of home, a comforting reminder. I know that Hannah deeply appreciates my wife's company, the simple gift of nearness. To her, I believe this is a treasure in a foreign land, greater than anything money could buy.

My wife has brought Hannah a taste of heaven.

We all carry that; that taste of heaven. Those of us who abide in His heavenly presence carry the sweet fragrance of the King of kings. We hold out hope and the sweet aroma of a better place. This earth contains beauty for sure. But it also contains pain, loss, suffering, things that will never be felt in our new home.

Do you have the hope of heaven inside of you? The Bible calls it "Christ in us, the hope of glory." If you do, will you share that with someone? Will you simply carry a reminder of the hope living within you? You're not required to carry a doctorate or degree in theology to carry love. You simply need a willing heart and His presence living in you.

All of us need a taste of heaven from time to time no matter how dark or light our lives are. It is what we all were made for.


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