Lord, give me the heart of a child.

Jesus thanked God for those that were children at heart, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children" There is something lacking in the wisdom that years of living bring. I'm not speaking to godly wisdom formed in the gray-haired, I'm referring to the wisdom who's origin is earthly.

As children, we come out of the gate with trust in our hearts; we don't really have a choice, do we? We need to trust those who care for us and raise us. We can't achieve that on our own. As children we are trained to trust, and that trust lingers. For some, the untainted, it may linger for many years, even into the teens. For others, the broken and disillusioned, it fades early on. We learn love by what life hands us; imperfect people dishing out hurt, falling short of what should be. We've all fallen prey to it, and we've all played the offender.

As the years form us; or should I say, as the disappointments and failed expectations form us, our hearts can become darkened. A callous forms, an emotional insulation to keep us less chilled from life's cold winters. And the list grows. Hurtful memories, line by line. Bad experiences recorded page after page.

But love keeps no record of wrongs. There is a softening that happens when the presence of God touches the depths of our wounded hearts. We awaken to reason, the reason that says, let go of the wounds and forgive the wounder. It's the only way to a childlike heart and to learn the way of love; to learn the way of the Father.

This world, our culture and its mindset, offers a wisdom of sorts. But that wisdom is foolishness before God because it is filled with self-sufficiency and pride. It declares the greatness of what man can achieve on his own, without God. Who can be trusted anyways? We must survive on our own. This world's wisdom sings loud and strong with Frank, "I did it my way." 

But a child realizes they need their father. A child brings the broken things to daddy. Tears aren't embarrassing, and failure isn't a barrier. In the heart of a child, love is expected and there is no shame in asking for help. Disappointment hasn't been learned yet. Abuse hasn't seared the senses. A child-like heart will approach God outside of the context of experiences learned. Have you been hurt? God doesn't hurt. Have you been lied to, marketed? God has only your good in mind. Are your addictions too great? God is bigger and able and He won't reject you.

This heart, the child's heart, is learned. We had it at one time, but it must be relearned. What the years and patterns of this world's wisdom have taught us must be unlearned. And that takes time. It takes time in His presence.

Won't you come and receive a child's heart? 


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