the voice that matters

We are like antennas constantly bombarded with signals. These signals come in differing forms and frequencies; some we tune in, some we tune out. The source of these signals, of these voices, is multitudinous. The news, our favorite TV show, our coworkers, politicians, books. These all compete for our attention and desire that we heed them. Some of these assertions even come from within. A simple thought, an experience remembered, a familiar feeling; these can vie for our attention just as much as the loudness from without.

Sometimes it can feel like we are shoppers being barraged with sales people, merciless and pushy. My wife and I spent one of our anniversaries in Mexico. As we were on our way out of the airport, a constant flow of people trying to offer us places to stay and taxi rides approached us like a well choreographed dance. My "No, gracias" was perfected that day. It's like that. These voices bombard us, trying to sell us their message.

"Eat here", "Invest in this", "You're unattractive", "You should have done more". Messages of guilt, regret, insufficiency, fear, and untruth fill our world today. Turn on the news if you want to add to the confusion.

But there is one voice that offers hope. It cuts through the confusion and speaks truth as clear as day. And this truth, this hope, this grace, is found in the bible, God's word. Our inner meter says, "I'll never have enough to retire on", but God's word says, "Never will I leave or forsake you." When we are tired, instead of listing all that is left to do, He says, "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest." His voice is the voice of truth and grace.

The world we live in today is demanding. It requires much and offers little. But God's voice breaks through this realm, this temporal reality, and says, "I have come to give you life, and that more abundantly." He says, "Come, drink freely from my supply." He promises that which satisfies our soul to its depths in place of that which provides momentary thrills that require heavy payments. His gift is free.

Which voice will you listen to? 

Two thousand years ago, God sent His son to live with us, to touch our humanity, and to take our failings and fallings to a cross on a hill called Calvary. While this world says "Pay to get", His voice stands in the face of that demand and offers, "Receive freely". The voice of hope calls out to each one of us each day starting with his new mercy and the day that He has made for our joy and rejoicing. On the days we want to roll over and throw the covers over our head, He promises hope and fulfillment. 

There are many voices out there; some loud, some confusing, some simply misleading. But His voice is there in the middle of all of that and you can hear it if you have the ears to hear it. Ask Him. He will speak to you.


  1. Needed this this morning thank you Lord and thanks Joe for listening


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