the end of the line

Some of us are naturally stronger than others. There are those who can accomplish great things because of their strong charisma or keen business sense; the Bill Gates and Donald Trumps of the world. Their elite training, personality makeup, and drive bring them to places that many of us do not go. Their natural boundaries and limitations seem to go beyond the horizon; beyond what we can see.

Then there are those of us whose boundaries are not so elusive. They seem to be in front of us at all times, mocking our weakness and deflating our self-esteem. The weak hit their natural limitations sooner, sometimes much sooner, than the strong. But whether your boundary is seemingly limitless, or whether it is easily in view, God has given each of us the opportunity to cross from our strength into His strength; from the natural to the super natural.

At some point in our lives all of us reach the end of the line, where the train called my ability can go no further.

Many amazing things can happen as we press into God's plan for our lives and give our whole heart to His work, but even greater things happen when we get off the train of our strength and step into His ability. There are simply some things that God calls us to do that we cannot do in our own effort and resources. 

This requires taking the focus and reliance off of what we can do and stepping by faith into what He can do through us; and with us.

The weak say, God could never do that through me, and laugh at the thought of accomplishing the impossible task before them. Their perspective is that they are just not cut out for it. The strong say, I've got this beat, been there, done that, here we go, and hit the task face on. But the spiritual man looks at the situation and counts the cost, not based on his natural resource or determination, not based on the size of the mountain to be climbed, but based on his willingness to jump into the unknown.

By the grace of God I go; into his provision step I by faith.

It glorifies God when we take possession of what He has for us. It shows those around us how great a giver He is and how awesome His power is. But that can only happen when we reach the end of the line. 


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