Shocking God

Is it possible to shock God? 

Is it possible for an honest question or unguarded thought to make Him recoil in disbelief and wonder with hand over mouth, bug-eyed and gasping for breath? Can we rob God of words; causing Him to fish for the right response to our suddenly revealed secret wonderings and doubts? No, it is not possible to shock God. 

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes ... - Hebrews 4:13 (NLT)

Nothing is hidden from Him. Not even our deepest questions and doubts. Then why do we have such a difficult time being completely honest with God? Why can it be so difficult to ask God questions like, "I've been told that the new testament is scripture, but I don't see that. I don't understand that. Will you please show me if that is true, and if it is why?"

What?! Do we dare ask such questions? Can I be completely honest with you? If you're afraid to ask such questions, guess what? You're thinking them. That's right. The questions you're afraid to ask are already formed in your mind, and ... God knows you're thinking them. He knows how you feel, He knows your questions, and He knows your doubts. But even greater - He knows your heart. And He will never turn anyone away who is seeking truth in sincerity. Why? Because He loves to be found.

You see, sometimes God is simply playing hide and seek with us. He runs, leaves questions in our minds. Shakes us up a bit. And then He waits in the shadows; in the hiding places, waiting for us to seek Him. He loves to be found.

I recently had an "Honesty Crisis" of my own. A tough question; a real question. And so, I took the step. I asked the question that had been hiding in my head all along (although not hidden from God!) And guess what? He answered me. He answered my "politically" incorrect question. (You may know what I mean; one of those questions you just don't ask in churchianity. One of those questions a good Christian should never have.)

He honored my honesty and answered my question within a day or two. In fact, right before the answer came, He gently reminded me that I had asked the question. And shock! There was the answer; right before my eyes, explained and understood. God wasn't shocked by my honesty. But I was shocked by His goodness, by His desire to answer to answer me. 

You can't shock God. He knows you too well. So go ahead. Be honest with God. He's waiting for you to find Him.


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