A word of encouragement for you ...

Be still and know that He is God. Whatever you're going through, He is God. He rides above your storms and He is Lord of all. And bottom line, when all is said and done, He is good.

He is good to you and His intentions are good. He always has your best in mind. His heart towards you is for your good.

In your life, He will leave no stone un-turned; He will not leave you as you are - He loves you too much for that.

His goal is you, conformed into the image of Jesus, made like Jesus. This will glorify Him and bring honor to Him. And this worth, this value, this precious jeweled reflection will be carried with you into heaven and your reward will be great.

The trials you suffer through are not in vain. They bring both temporal and eternal rewards. "I discipline those I love," says the Lord, your God. I am your reward, I am your portion, and you are Mine. I love you my son, my daughter, my child.


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