Hold on to Peace

Here is a word that the Lord gave me regarding peace. In the midst of a day splattered by a rotten attitude, He gave me these words of encouragement. Take them as your own.

Peace; hold on to peace.

Don't let what's around you, your circumstances, your situations, rob you of the peace that I give. It's not worth it. What can a man give in exchange for peace?  Nothing. It is a gift from Me. It can't be bought, it can't be earned. It can only be received. It is a gift only I can give. All other promised peace is a counterfeit. Only I can give real, lasting peace. 

But you must hold on to it and not succumb to the forgeries; not bend to the temptation to worry or take things into your own hands. 

When you know that the battle is mine, trusting in my desire and ability to love you sufficiently, then you will make way for My peace. For my peace is a river that flows, a shelter that covers. My peace surrounds you. 

And do not worry if you do falter or fail, for my peace is a guard and can be restored. 

My peace is comfort to your heart and solace to your soul. It guards your mind - in Me. Peace is found in Me. I am the God of peace, the source of all peace. Peace is found in Me and peace will guard your hearts and minds in Me. 

Receive My peace. Recieve it now. By a simple act of faith, one simple step, receive My peace says the Lord, your God, your peace.


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