His words call us to action, not to stress; to prayer, not to complaining.

There are words and situations in our lives that try to call us to frazzlement; whispers, thoughts, that call us to shout out in our own strength and myopic perspective, "Unfair, I say, unfair! Not right! Can't be!" Words that lead us down the trail of frustration. A trail we've all taken. A trail you may even be on right now.

But His way is the way of peace. The way of letting go. 

This way enacts and enables change on a far greater level than our own human effort ever could. It's the difference between a shovel and a snow blower. What would take us two hours with our back and a shovel, becomes twenty minutes with the power of a snow blower. Yes, we can do the fine work with our shovel, but the heavy lifting gets done by the snow blower. See and allow the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. That's where real, lasting results happen. That's the space where real change occurs.

Pour out your hearts before Him. Vide! Vide! Empty your own strength, your own efforts. Pour out your deepest dreams and desires. Lay it all before Him until there is nothing left to hold on to. Empty yourself of yourself - of your strength and self-sufficiency.

Then you will find that He will take all your situations and, in His power and timing, make all things right. And your emptied heart will be filled with all the good and perfect gifts He has for you at His disposal. 

Receive His assurance, ignore the worries. Receive His encouragement, ignore the lies. Know that His plans are for your good. It's time to let go, completely, and to trust in Him.

Pictures of the snow courtesy of our Creator who, for some reason, has chosen to abundantly remind those of us on the east coast how our scarlet sins have become as white as snow!


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