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The Great Opportunity
We have opportunity every day to show love to someone. Each day we have the opportunity to forgive a wrong done, or show kindness to someone having a bad day. Throughout our day we find occasion to extend patience in traffic or at work. We will have the chance, if we dare see it, to show humility and lay aside any high opinions we have of ourselves.
Our lives are filled with chances to lay aside our selfish ambitions and consider others before ourselves; to display serenity when provoked, confronted, or challenged. With strangers, with family, day in and day out, in the amazing and in the mundane, love is what matters most.
Impressive church buildings filled with well marketed programs and motivational rhetoric that stirs emotions wildly do not define or exalt Christ and who He is. Love in action brings the reality of the kingdom of God to this earth. You may never travel to another country as a missionary, but you can show kindness to a family member. You may neve…