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'Tis the season for waiting. We wait in lines at the store (or for those of you in the 21st century, we wait for boxes from Amazon). We wait for family to come home and spend Christmas with us. We wait for that glorious morn when desired gifts are given and the excitement of giving to our loved ones is realized. We are busy indeed, and yet we wait.

Simeon was man who knew about waiting. God had made him a promise - he would not die before he saw the Lord's Christ, the baby Jesus. The scripture says to be still and know that He is God. You can be still and still be busy. Life occupies our time, even as we wait; yet we can still put on an attitude of waiting for God in our busyness. Simeon did. He was devout. That means his life was dedicated to the service of God. He was not a spiritual couch potato. He was a man waiting for God, doing life.

The Lord would have us with the same attitude.

I was driving to work, visiting my company's New Hampshire facility, when I came u…
We need wisdom to navigate this life; at times, it is beyond us. The Lord invites us to ask for the wisdom we need, and He says He will give it generously - without reproach, without a hint of disappointment or disapproval.

That means that when we are in our desperate places, when we've lost control, (rather when we realize that we never really had control), we can ask for His wise guidance without looking to our lack. This means that He doesn't chide us for our lack of knowing what to do; He does not say, "We've been through this already, you know what to do." He does not rebuke with words of disappointment, "Again? You're asking me again?" Rather, He gives generously.

We simply need to ask.

I recently needed wisdom because of a situation that was completely out of my control. Between distance and closed roads, literally, I was unable to come to the aid of a very sick young girl - my daughter Hannah. Dengue can ravage the body, and dengue was taking i…