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The Great Distraction
If distractions are anything, they are chains that latch on and pull us off course, taking our time and making it run like water down a drain. The danger in distractions is not in their intent, but rather in their insidious nature.

One of the most dangerous distractions is the illusion and resulting pursuit that we can somehow assure our right standing with the Creator of the universe by our own efforts. To think so attacks the fact that His ways and thoughts are far higher, greater, and more complex than ours. We are simply not at His level of understanding.

When our goal is to assure right standing with God, or holiness, by our own efforts, this becomes a preoccupation, an obsession, our cruel task master. It occupies our time and becomes our hollow reward; our noble pursuit. Works to attain acceptance. This is called religion. And there is no good news in it, except to our pride.

The gospel is simple, yet so rich in its depth. It is truly good news. God accepts us…
Two Brothers
This is really frustrating. I'm waiting for God to bring to pass some things He's promised me; some things He's put on my heart to do. I mean, it's what He wants for my life! So why hasn't it come to pass yet? Waiting is hard, oh so hard, especially if you're waiting for a promise to come to pass.

I was thinking about David, the psalmist-king who flung rocks at giants and defeated thousands. God said he would become king, even had him anointed in front of his whole family by the prophet of God. But that promise was just the start of David's troubles. He would spend the next long years of his life in caves, fighting to stay alive, running for his life. This is how a king to be is treated?

It's hard to wait; especially for a promise to come to pass. I'm a mission minded man. Give me the instructions and I'm on it. I'll hold nothing back. No time to waste. No reason to wait. But this isn't how God works. No, it seems that God prep…