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No Trash!
After a few days of being left alone during the day, our dog Buddy can get himself into trouble. His choice of forbidden pleasure? Having a good snack of trash. Nuzzling the waste baskets. Chewing on refuse. Whatever you want to call it, he gets in the trash and the trash gets all over the house. And he knows it's wrong.

How do I know he knows it's wrong? Because if I call his name after I discover his rubbish reveling, his head goes down and he doesn't want to come near me. He's afraid. He's afraid of my method of dealing with his wanderings in the waste. I bring him to the area where the trail of trash is and with a deep and authoritative voice yell, "Buddy! NO TRASH!". And then a swipe on the nose for good measure.

At least that's how I used to deal with Buddy's propensity to debris. 

But something changed when God spoke to me about He deals with our fallings into filth. We've all been there; done something we know we shouldn't ha…

It's morning and I'm laying in bed praying. God is speaking to me about freedom. The wind is blowing fiercely outside; I can hear it shaking the trees nonstop. The sky is blue, cold and crisp, and I'm looking at a single leaf being blown across the blue backdrop. And I think to myself, I don't want to be like that leaf. It has no direction, no boundaries. It looks lost.

And God continues to speak. That leaf is free. That is what I have for you. Free like a stallion bounding through fields; unrestrained by rider or bridle. But Lord, I don't want to be like that leaf. Look at it. It has no direction just being blown around. And then the explanation comes. That leaf is not directionless, its path is not a random, pointless travel. It is being brought exactly where the wind wants it to go. 

And so it is with my children. They are free, unrestrained. Led by my Spirit, carried by my freedom into boundless skies and magnificent opportunities.

But we like our boundarie…