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True and lasting breakthrough doesn't originate with us. It is not us pushing through something to get to something. True, powerful, and lasting breakthrough originates with God and ends up in us; it is when God lights our darkness, opens our eyes, and breaks through to our heart. Paul's breakthrough came when Jesus revealed the great truth to Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you." Gideon's breakthrough happened when the Lord assigned Gideon's identity and then showed himself great. Personally, my breakthroughs have come when the Lord walked into my dark closet and turned the light on; and that light slowly filled the room, bringing truth that set me free - free indeed.

Freedom can be viewed from at least two perspectives. One is freedom of justification, when one is declared free from the consequences of their crime. This is when we, as believers, are declared not guilty - blessed is the man whose sins have been forgiven. Secondly we find freedo…
Do not touch.
Do not come near.
Do not even look.

These were the commands given to those who were to carry the furnishings and articles for the tent of meeting, the tabernacle in the wilderness, God's desert dwelling. The children of Israel had been rescued from Egypt, and now they had become sojourners, wilderness travelers led by the smoke and fire of God. Their place of worship was a mobile temple and it was holy - dedicated to the LORD.

When it was time to move locations, strict instructions were given for the process of how that was to be done. Only Aaron and his sons were allowed to pack the furnishings, utensils, dishes, lamps, and so forth. And once they were packed up and ready, they were covered. No one else was allowed to touch, approach, or look on these holy things. And if someone did, the result was death. The message was clear, God is a holy God and the result for breaking His commands was severe.

And today, God is still holy. There is none like Him. He is beyond our com…
I don't know how to pray for those who are suffering.

I would pray, "Lord, be with them." But He is with them.
I would pray, "Lord, let your purpose come about through their suffering." But His purpose will come about in their suffering. I find myself short of words to bring to Jesus for my suffering brother and sister.

Jesus healed, but He was sent to preach the good news. His primary purpose on this earth was not to perform miracles, though He did many, but to bring good news, to teach, to open eyes and set people free, to proclaim. In a world, (and a church at times infected with worldliness), that avoids offense, inconvenience, and pain as an enemy of joy, I find myself approaching Jesus like the leper whom He healed, "Lord, if you are willing, you are able to heal my brother, to lift my sister's suffering." If He is willing, He is able.

And I find words rising in my prayer as I think of Jesus coming to preach, coming to teach, coming to bring…
We were created for His pleasure. He redeemed us to spend eternity with Him. Does that mean we will have no pleasure in heaven, that it’s all about “making God happy”?
Absolutely not.

In His presence is fullness of joy. At His right hand pleasures forevermore. Jesus is at the right hand of the father. In Him alone we find all joy and pleasure. We will share in the joy of God- as He will say to us, “enter in to the joy of your master.”
God will not have pleasure at our expense. He will not be pleased while we are bored, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied. We will share in His joy. We were created for His pleasure- for all eternity we will be satisfied in Him! 
God lacks nothing. He does not need us to be fulfilled or to make up for something that is missing in Him. We are created for His pleasure, for Him, not to fill a void that God has; no, but it is to His glory that we are satisfied in Him, that we come into His eternal purpose for us. We serve at the pleasure of the King. He created us to fi…