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Decisions can be difficult, especially the "big" decisions. Do I take this job? Do I marry this girl? Should I go to another church? 

Should I write this blog? Well, maybe that one seems like a small decision.

Sitting here at my desk, in my office, I'm asking myself that question, among others. Should I write this blog? Who will miss an encouraging word If I don't take the time to write something? Will the kingdom of God lack a sliver of light because I didn't put my mind to the task of writing? Granted, this blog is read by few, not many, and the impact of what I do is small. Or is it? Can you really weigh the impact that you have on someone's life?

The scripture encourages us to not grow weary of doing good, for in due time we will reap a harvest. Will one blog, one word, one kind act cause us to reap a harvest? That's hard to judge; but one thing I do know, a life lived for Christ over the years, in service to others will reap a harvest. We may not see it…