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God, misrepresented

God gets very serious about what people say about Him. Sentences that start with, "God thinks," or "God says," or "God is," carry a lot of weight behind them; especially when spoken by those considered to be representatives of the faith. But why is God so serious about being accurately represented? Why is an authentic and pure portrayal of who He is so important?

Because God misrepresented is simply an idol. 

When God is said to be "like this" and He really isn't "like that", we form an idol in our thoughts through our words and into our doctrines and either drive people away from Him or draw people into idol worship. And this isn't a rare happening. God is misrepresented far too often. In one way or another, at one time or another, we've all fallen short and offered to those around us a poor reflection of who He truly is. I know I have. I confess that I have. And in one way or another, and at one time or a…