One Small Step

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin ... (Zechariah 10:4)

Sometimes the hardest step to take can be the first step.

It's rarely rewarding, somewhat intimidating, and for the procrastinator in all of us, annoyingly scary. Who among us doesn't like the feeling of quick accomplishments? Who wouldn't want immediate success with little effort? But that doesn't take faith. No, stepping out into the unknown with baby steps - that takes faith.

This blog is actually the first step I've taken to seeing my work published. My next step was to research the writing market. Next, I've begun submitting some of my work to publishers. Step by step. No where I want to be yet, but I know what God has put inside of me.

And isn't that core to starting something great? God puts a desire in our hearts. And we can't seem to erase that desire; even if years pass by. We can try to ignore it with the business of our already established lives; caught up in the minutia of day to day. But the desire is still there, quietly rapping at the door of our hearts.

So what do we do with that?

Well for one, don't ignore it! Sow into those desires. Do not despise (look down on, consider worthless) the small beginning sitting right outside your front door. Did you know that the Lord actually rejoices to see you start what He puts in your heart, even if it's a small beginning? He rejoices when you take that first step, just like a parent rejoices when their toddler takes their first step. You just don't know, there may be an Olympian runner in there! But it has to start with one small step.
Take that step, no matter your age. Whether you’re old and gray (take a look at psalm 71:18) or young and filled with ambition. You've heard the saying, It’s not over until the fat lady sings? Well guess what … That fat lady hasn't sung yet. Your time has come – take that step!

(Photographs by H.G. Furcinitti)


  1. Somehow, I missed this one. I can REALLY relate this to my drum business. Keep up the good fight!


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